Star Xpress Couch

Star Xpress® is an Australian developed fine- to medium-textured-leaf Green Couch (Cynodon dactylon) variety, ideally suited to harsh Aussie conditions from the warm temperate North through to the cooler conditions of the South.

Star Xpress is most suitable for use in applications where vigorous growth and recovery is paramount.

Perfect for commercial and recreational landscapes, golf courses, sports fields and highly-trafficked areas.

Star Xpress is vibrant green in colour and has a rhizome system that allows it to handle wear and drought conditions better than most other turf types currently available.


Star Xpress®

is a Green Couch (Cynodon dactylon) that offers superior wear-, pest- and drought-hardiness that meets the demands of our tough Australian conditions.


Star Xpress

Offers terrific performance in  a variety of circumstances at a value for money pric-point.


Star Xpress

is sold only as a certified turf variety and can only be purchased from licensed and TurfCert® Certified turf growers.

Developed in Australia
for Australian conditions

– Star Xpress has one of the fastest
establishment rates of commercially available turf varieties and rolls up well.

– Soft & fine- to medium-leaf, vibrant green colour – Star Xpress also has one of the strongest rhizome and root systems.

– High drought-tolerance means that Star Xpress® requires infrequent watering to stay in good to excellent condition.

– Star Xpress® requires far less mowing and maintenance and suffers less pest damage than other couch varieties.

– High salt-tolerance, high wear-tolerance, low-input-requirements; fertiliser, water & pesticides makes for a versatile surface.

– The appearance and functionality of this turfgrass greatly reduces maintenance budgets for hard-to-maintain areas.

“For value-for-money, we just can’t go past Star Xpress Couch sourced from Coolong Turf. The quality and price are second-to-none and the service we get is outstanding.”

Ian Johnston